16 de julio de 2012

"Steve Buscemi" por Dystopia One

Dystopia One fue una banda de Long Island, Nueva York, activa entre los años 1993 y 1998. Antes de retirarse de la escena musical de esa ciudad grabaron una canción titulada "Steve Buscemi", haciendo un gran tributo al actor.

 All hail Steve Buscemi, the greatest actor of his generation
Steve Buscemi is cool
Steve Buscemi is a living god
Steve Buscemi is always rubbing his huge, blue, bugged out eyes
Steve Buscemi represents you and me

Steve Buscemi is every man of "Quintessential Underdog"
Steve Buscemi embodies the best and worst traits of human nature
Steve Buscemi has worked with the best directors alive today: Scorsese, Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, Jim Jarmusch, Robert Altman, and John Carpenter
Steve Buscemi must be worshiped
Someday when Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, and Harrison Ford have long since passed away and been forgotten, Steve Buscemi's work will be given a month long retrospective at the
And the Bohemians will come
And the regular guys, too

Steve Buscemi admires John Cassavetes, and for this alone, he must be praised
I sat in a bar in Queens with Steve Buscemi and asked him, "Who shot nice guy Eddie?"
And he snapped as if it was the most obvious answer in world: Harvey Keitel!

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